Ken Wins!!



The Vindicator Endorses Ken!

“Among the challengers, however, Carano emerges as the logical choice to fill the open seat. As the oldest candidate in the race, Carano also has the longest and most diverse record of capable and trustworthy public service under his belt. Thousands upon thousands of Fitch High alumni remember Carano for his rigid standards and cutting humor. But there’s little funny about the long record of achievements Carano has accumulated as township trustee and state representative, particularly for such key constituencies as senior citizens and veterans. Carano also has powerful and prestigious contacts at the local, state and federal levels to tap as valuable resources for continued township prosperity.

If elected, Carano vows to work diligently on economic development, alternative funding for the township, greater transparency in budgeting, protection of property owners’ home values and improvement in overall quality of life – all without raising taxes. His goals may sound lofty, but those familiar with Carano know he is an active, aggressive and determined public servant who generally delivers what he promises”.  - from the Vindicator endorsement 10/21/2013

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Ken announces the 4th of July parade in Austintown!

1009752_590929544261891_1269924456_nKen’s supporters in the 4th of July parade!

Support Ken at his Meet and Greet on October 7!